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Tips to get rid of Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

In the anal canal there is a structure that controls the stool which is called the hemorrhoid. These hemorrhoids can be internal or external, and although are not necessarily painful, they can cause medical problems when they become inflamed. Hemorrhoids are not usually painful but when they become irritated they can be painful and bleeding.

On the other hand, external hemorrhoids can be painful and can come with itching, swelling and other kinds of irritation. Thrombosis is usually a condition that is linked to hemorrhoids when blood clots develop because a vein ruptured.

Something as simple as sitting in one position for a long time and not allowing the blood circulate properly can cause an thrombosed external hemorrhoid. There is general excruciating pain that comes with thrombosed external hemorrhoids. The condition itself may not be a serous one, but medical help is usually needed to relieve the pain.

Young adults and pregnant women frequently experienced thrombosed external hemorrhoids but, they can happen to anyone at any age. These thrombosed external hemorrhoids most often come with itching, swelling, burning sensation, and inflammation. They may develop a deep red or black and blue color caused by the blood clot. It can eventually become infected and bleed and sometimes gangrene can set in, if the thrombosed external hemorrhoids are not taken care of immediately.

You can avoid thrombosed external hemorrhoids if you take the time to change your lifestyle by eating nutritious well balanced meals, drink plenty of fluids like water, and start an exercise regimen that is not strenuous. Using over the counter hemorrhoid creams may help the itching for the moment, but it is not a cure for the thrombosed external hemorrhoids. They will not help if there is severe pain. Over the counter drugs such as Motrin, Tylenol, and Aleve will help to reduce the swelling and pain associated with thrombosed external hemorrhoids somewhat.

If you are troubled with thrombosed external hemorrhoids you should not try to handle the pain, swelling, and itching on your own. In order to have relief from the stress of pain is help from your doctor or healthcare professional.


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